Operation Specialist

Beijing • Operation • Full Time

Job Descriptions

  1. Monitor the daily work of the live broadcast platform (including the environment of Showself, the service of hosts, video quality), report and handle the violations
  2. Responsible for the review of head portraits, photos, personal data and the cover of hosts 
  3. Collect and handle requirements of users and hosts, and suggest product optimization according to specific situations
  4. Inspecting the quality of the platform management work, timely grasping all kinds of information on the platform
  5. Responsible for user guidance on the product line, regularly organize user activities, activate user atmosphere, establish a good relationship with them to improve user stickiness
  6. Help the host to handle computer operation problems and software bugs, record them and feedback
  7. Assist customer service staff to answer questions about product and software usage

Job Qualifications

  1. Junior college degree or above in computer, marketing or similar area of study
  2. Unlimited experience and loving Internet live broadcasting industry is preferred
  3. Proficient in computers and MS office
  4. Sincerity, integrity, passion, affinity and strong execution
  5. Accept the white-night shift, hard work, and high pressure
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