New Media Operations

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Work content:

1. Responsible for the daily operation of the company's platform new media (WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, etc.), including content theme planning and writing, event creative planning, layout editing, etc.;

2. Cooperate with online and offline operation activities, and realize the expansion of the overall influence of the platform through new media communication and other methods;

3. Familiar with the development trend and promotion methods of each new media platform, combine the operation effect, provide high-quality ideas, explore user needs, feedback user portraits, and formulate user operation strategies;

4. Pay attention to current affairs hotspots, be able to capture information trends in related fields in time, plan topic selection according to hot topics on the Internet, and edit high-quality content;

5. Monitoring and effect evaluation of content reading data, improving user activity and conversion rate, improving new media functions, increasing the number of fans and reading, and producing high-quality content;

6. Responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the relationship between music, video, information platforms and big V;

7. Track the effects of media promotion, analyze data and feedback, summarize experience, optimize content output, and establish effective operating methods.


1. Bachelor degree or above, majors in journalism, communication, planning, etc. are preferred;

2. 1 year or more of new media related experience, live broadcast industry is preferred, and vibrato operation experience is preferred;

3. Have experience in successful new media operation projects, have Internet thinking skills, and keep up with the latest creative trends;

4. Have strong writing skills, excellent copywriting skills, active thinking, big brains, good at finding and thinking about problems from multiple angles, good at communication, and strong ability to resist pressure;

5. Basically master software such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and video production;

6. Have good communication skills and be good at integrating resources across teams.

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