Legal And Public Relations Commissioner

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Independently draft and revise various contracts and legal documents;

2. Provide legal risk reminders, strengthen the prevention of project risks, and propose effective solutions to business-related risks;

3. Responsible for the company's foreign business contracts, tracking and managing the contracts;

4. Assist in handling the company's government relations affairs, public relations affairs and compliance affairs, maintain communication with judicial organs and relevant government departments, and create a good judicial environment for the company;

5. Review the company's main business related files and evaluate whether there are risks;

6. Assist and cooperate with the supervision department in the law enforcement inspection work, and provide corresponding legal support, mainly including providing the legal materials required by the supervision department, and assisting the supervision department in carrying out on-site investigation and inspection work;

7. Sorting out and collecting the relevant laws and regulations of the company.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in law is preferred;

2. Internet practitioners are preferred, able to cooperate in handling company labor dispute cases;

3. Have good professional ethics, have a correct working attitude, and can complete the tasks assigned with quality and quantity;

4. Have a strong ability to write legal documents and official documents, have strong interpersonal and communication skills, and have the ability to solve problems through investigation and research;

5. Have interest and enthusiasm for the business of Internet companies.

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