Java Development Engineer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Job Descriptions

  1. Participate in or lead the design and R&D of the product server
  2. Understand the business requirements and participate in the analysis and design of architecture
  3. Familiar with high concurrency and massive data processing, analyze and discovery system optimization points, responsible for improving performance and stability of the system
  4. Document writing, code review, and unit testing to ensure project progress and quality

Job Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer or similar area of study, and more than 3 years of working experience
  2. Proficient in Java and object-oriented design and development, in-depth study of some Java technologies, and research the source code of excellent open-source software is preferred
  3. Participated in the high concurrent systems design and development
  4. Familiar with the concept and implementation techniques of SOA architecture and common design patterns, and proficient in Spring, Redis messaging middleware and other technologies
  5. Proficient in MySQL application development, database theory and common optimization of performance and extension techniques, as well as principles, usage scenarios and restrictions of NoSQL and Queue
  6. Preferably proficient in Kafka, Mongo, Hadoop, and Hive
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