Java Development Engineer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Participate in or lead the design and research and development of the product server;

2. Understand business requirements and participate in the analysis and design of the architecture;

3. High concurrency, massive data processing, analysis and discovery of system optimization points, responsible for promoting the performance and stability of the system Improve;

4. Document writing, code review and unit testing to ensure project progress and quality.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of work experience, computer-related major;

2. Proficiency in Java and object-oriented design and development, in-depth research on some Java technologies, research on the source code of excellent open source software and experience is preferred;

3 , Participate in the design and development of high concurrent system;

4. Familiar with SOA architecture concepts and implementation technologies; familiar with common design patterns, proficient in Spring, Redis message middleware and other technologies;

5. Familiar with MySQL application development, database principles and common performance optimization and Expansion technology, as well as the principles, usage scenarios and limitations of NoSQL and Queue;

6. Familiar with Kafka, Mongo, Hadoop, Hive is preferred.

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