Business Development Assistant

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Responsible for business development and relationship maintenance of partners, explore cooperation opportunities, coordinate products and technologies to ensure the successful implementation of cooperation projects, and achieve annual expansion goals;

2. Responsible for the interface with various business departments of the partners, and assist in the operation of high-level business activities such as high-level exchange visits;

3. Collect market information and assist in the creation and adjustment of foreign cooperation strategies in a targeted manner;

4. Responsible for assisting in contract drafting, negotiation and signing of contract terms;

5. Effectively refine and accurately express the characteristics of the product plan, and support the refinement of the product landing differentiated plan;

6. Responsible for assisting in the introduction of competitive upstream and downstream partners, and ensuring effective business expansion through targeted cooperation programs.


1. Bachelor degree or above, relevant experience in business cooperation negotiation is preferred;

2. Be good at handling interpersonal relationships and have a strong self-driving force;

3. Excellent communication skills.

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