BI Engineer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Basic data extraction and temporary query SQL support;

2. Perfection, optimization and expansion of compatibility of data marts;

3. Perfect support and necessary optimization for concurrent requirements of data tools, requiring stability, maintenance and problem repair ;

4. Basic data capture with more nesting and temporary task data capture;

5. Data verification and data cleaning;

6. Develop and improve data tool system;

7. Provide SQL support for business monitoring and early warning system;

8. Assist DB operation and maintenance to maintain data security, and ensure the correctness of the data permission mechanism;

9. Assist and participate in the application of Spark-based neural networks, logistic regression, random forest, basic Bayesian and other algorithms and prediction model verification.


1. Bachelor degree or above, majors in mathematics, statistics, computer, operations research and other related majors;

2. 1 year or more of data extraction experience, with experience in Internet products and operational data demand query;

3. Proficiency in SQL, Mysql, Excel; master R, Spark, python is better;

4. Familiar with OLAP data system;

5. Project practical experience with data analysis and data warehouse modeling is preferred;

6. Strong sense of responsibility, good sense of confidentiality, rigorous logical thinking and focus;

7. With data sensitivity, quick response and good communication.

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