Automated Test Development Engineer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Responsible for the test and development of the App platform, have good coding capabilities, and can independently ensure product quality through technical means;

2. Support project test plan design, and provide test method, technology and tool support according to project test requirements;

3. According to project requirements, design interface test plans, write use cases, execute tests, and generate test reports;

4. Tracking the online and offline problems of each API, can go deep into the product to understand the root cause of the problem, give repair suggestions, and solve the problem; ensure the quality of testing, and improve the quality and efficiency of development through the innovation of testing procedures and methods;

5. Improve team work efficiency through continuous integration and online quality monitoring.


1. Computer or related major, bachelor degree or above;

2. With relevant interface testing experience, good test case design ability, proficiency in main test methods and test types, comprehensive interface performance testing experience, and actual tuning experience is preferred;

3. Use interface-related tools (Charles/Fiddler, Postman, JMeter, etc.) to understand the server-side test method, design and process;

4. Familiar with Linux system commands, understand shell scripts, and be familiar with HTTP protocol;

5. Familiar with Java or Python, and have practical experience in APP automation testing;

6. Self-driven, strong thinking, serious and responsible, friendly, able to take on greater work pressure, and adapt to the company's rapid development pace.

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