Assistant To The President

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Assist senior management to manage and maintain all investor relations of the company;

2. Manage the information of financial regulators, analysts and investors;

3. Provide strategic support for senior management to communicate with the capital market;

4. Provide investors with financial statements through annual reports, press releases, and SEC documents;

5. Assist senior executives to complete the preparation of annual reports;

6. Track capital market trends, policy changes and industry trends, collect and sort out the business dynamics and financial performance of the same industry and competitors at home and abroad, pay close attention to policy changes, and make regular comparisons and analysis reports, and report to the CFO.


1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above, accounting or financial background is preferred;

2. Language requirements: excellent English reading and writing skills, with CET-6 level and above preferred;

3. Professional skills requirements: proficiency in official document writing and PPT report material production;

4. Other requirements: excellent adaptability, quick thinking, initiative and learning ability.

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