Android Development Engineer

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Job Descriptions

1. Responsible for Android products development
2. Understanding product requirements, participateing in technical implementation discussion and framework product designs
3. Development according to functional requirements and design projects ; coding, bugs repairing, and maintenance
4. Standardizing codes and documents maintenance
5. Continuously improving the usability of the app from a technical perspective to ensure app's stability

Job Qualifications

1. Bachelor's degree or above in computer or similar area of study
2. Minimum 3 years of experience in Mobile development
3. Proficient in Java, with solid programming skills and good programming habits
4. Proficient in Android API and Android UI components
5. Familiar with Internet programming under Android, SQlite database, Android multi-threaded development and JSON/XML, and have abilities of independently analyzing and solving technical problems in the development
6. Excellent ethics, good at communication and cooperation, good sense of team and responsibility

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