Administrative Assistant

Beijing • Technology • Full Time

Work content:

1. Responsible for the company's telephone transfer and visit reception and other related work, keep the company's front desk clean and tidy, and maintain the company's overall image;

2. Ensure that the materials needed at the front desk are sufficient, and supplement them according to actual usage;

3. Responsible for arranging interviews for candidates, filling out application forms, and arranging interview rooms;

4. Responsible for the company's daily attendance statistics and summary;

5. Responsible for the company's snacks, ordering meals, ordering water and other procurement, distribution, and overall arrangements;

6. Responsible for the company's daily office supplies purchase and requisition management, domestic and foreign express delivery, letter and fax sending and receiving;

7. Responsible for the entry of new employee punch card machines, and the production and issuance of employee badges;

8. Assist the superior in completing the company's administrative affairs and the daily affairs of the department.


1. Bachelor degree or above, no major limitation;

2. About 1 year of administrative work experience is preferred, excellent fresh graduates are also acceptable;

3. Good image, integrity, good professionalism and affinity;

4. Work is steadfast, conscientious, well-organized, with a strong sense of responsibility and independent work;

5. Good language expression and communication skills, and proficient use of Office software such as Word and Excel.

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