Activity Planner

Beijing • Operation • Full Time

Job Descriptions

  1. Responsible for online activity planning and copywriting of the company's products, including product operation activities and marketing promotion activities;
  2. Responsible for all events on the platform and other issues;
  3. Analyze the data of the events, took charge of performance, and put forward the optimization plan;
  4. According to the online and offline event plannings, put forward demand plans to the operation manager, optimize and revise them, follow up the implementation, and accept the relevant results;
  5. Observe and analyze competitors’ products and events, keep up with the latest industry trends, and analyze the market activities, comprehensively summarize similar products;
  6. Familiar with the characteristics of each live broadcast platform, coordinate live program arrangement, assist PCG output, and guide and optimize the UCG output of anchors;
  7. Close to users and partners, optimize product functions and design new functions.

Job Qualifications

  1. Bachelor's degree or above, major in computer or marketing;
  2. More than 2 years of event planning experience, passionate in the internet live broadcast industry;
  3. Making innovative and actionable marketing plans;
  4. Familiar with popular Internet products and have basic knowledge of user characteristics and product logic;
  5. Great creativity, high aesthetic skills, good communication and coordination ability, and strong logical thinking.
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